When visiting India in 2009, Tania was inspired by the wonderful colours and fabrics of Rajasthan and her love of design was re-ignited. 

Now at the beginning of every year she travels to Jaipur to spend a month creating and perfecting her designs. She works with a core group of wonderful tailors and spends her time in India making as many samples and changes that are needed, until they achieve the perfect shape for her clients - the tailors often tease her on her perfectionism! 

"The thing I love about one of Tania Llewellyn's sales is that you get Tania thrown in for free. She is brilliant at seeing who looks best in what."

Throughout the year she designs and sketches shapes and styles which are influenced by her travels, fashion and talking to her clients. Once she gets down to work in Jaipur she is hugely inspired by the array of fabrics and wonderful colours. They then make small runs of each design in three or four colours. 

Tania's Biography

During her late teens, Tania went to Christian Dior in Paris as an apprentice: a wonderful entrée into the world of fashion that would guarantee the best training possible. 

Subsequently she moved back to London and in 1968 opened Tsaritsar, one of the very first ready-to-wear boutiques, in Pont Street, along with Annette Worsley-Taylor (who was later given an MBE for creating London Fashion Week).

Tania designed two main collections a year and it was in this shop that Tania and Annette gave Bruce Oldfield his first job on leaving St. Martin’s School of Design. Clients included The Duchess of Kent, Shirley Bassey and Joan Collins and one of her first creations appeared on the front cover of the first London edition of ‘Cosmopolitan’.

In 1974, recession-hit England forced them to close Tsaritsar and Tania returned to Paris to work as a freelance designer in fashion and television, for the following six years.

In 1981 Tania married Roddy and three daughters soon followed. After an absence of twenty years she returned to the world of fashion in 2003, staging curated sales of hand-picked clothes from top London designers. After several years of running Designer Sales, Tania decided to focus her attention to her own Collection. 

Visit Tania's Studio

Come and see Tania in her relaxed and cosy Studio Shop, located just outside Shipston on Stour in Warwickshire.

A unique experience, Tania Llewellyn's Collection offers chic clothes and accessories designed by Tania at affordable prices, in a friendly environment.  

Clients keep returning as a result of Tania's special selection of clothes as well as her invaluable advice and expertise, stemming from her natural eye for shape and colour and combined with a fascinating and varied career in the world of fashion.  

What makes the visit special, to Tania’s Studio, is that you get Tania thrown in for free. She is brilliant at seeing who looks best in what. That is what she has always been famous for. That is why people are still wearing her clothes from Tsaritsar...after all those years.

The Studio is open by appointment only. You can complete the form below, e-mail us at studio@taniallewellyn.com or call on 07905 149126.

Tania is committed to helping the wonderful Shipston Home Nursing, a charity local to The Studio Shop, by donating 10% off all proceeds for their remarkable work. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!